Saturday, May 19, 2018

Hermes Heads

They arrived, more about it later on when I have had to verify what they are exactly.

But needless to say a very nice addition of my collection of old greek stamps (which was not existing before this ;-))

Comments welcome.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Hellas 2018 catalogue

The Hellas catalogue issued by A. Karamitsos edition 2018, arrived last week friday.

I just had a fast look at them but it seems the old classic section is real detailed and well explained.

Now I'm ready to go;-) only have to find time.

It's great to know that the greek editor of stamps catalogue realises that collectors are stressed because of the daunting tasks they are up too.

I'm tempted to reserve a holiday in the Sani resort already, anyway the publicity changes from the usual more classic (read boring) publicity in / on the french catalogues.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Literature on Greek Postal History (Part 2)

I checked Stampboards and found some posts dedicated on greek philately.

One concerns an identification of a cancelation :

Another concerns a stamps for prostitutes?

The last one is the most interesting one as it's related to perforation varieties for the 1990 Prefecture definitives series :

Recommended literature for this series !

My small collection of the Prefecture Stamps issued in 1990

Enjoy the read!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Literature on Greek Postal History (Part 1)

Besides the bibliographical works mentioned by my fellow blogger Nicolas on his (french) blog called "Philatélie Hellénique", as well as his own blogposts which are real helpful and very instructive, a beginner like me always looks around the net what kind of (specialised) literature might be available to help cultivate once knowledge of Greek Stamps.

You have a nice introduction on Greek Postal History at Wikipedia.

But of course Jim Jackson of the Big Blue 1840-1940 blog has written three detailed articles on Greek Postal history.

The first one written on June 14th 2012 is dedicated to the Hermes heads series :

Hardly a week later Jim wrote about the greek stamps issued between 1896 and 1940 :

And he finished (for the moment?) his quest into greek stamps with a an article on AirPost, Postage Due, Postal Tax and Balkan Wars :

Check these articles out if you want to learn more about greek stamps.

Links will be posted on the left of the bog in the 'Philatelic Links' section.


* Part 1 : the author hopes to be able to concentrate a maximum of articles on greek stamps on this blog, so more articles (when found and freely available on the net) on this subject might be posted in the (near) future.

Hercules Deeds - Hercules and Geryon

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Ancient Greek Art stamps on Olympic Torch Flight

Olympic Torch Flight Cover from Athens to Australia canceled on November 2nd 1956.

The cover has two stamps :

Voyage of Dionyssos

Bust of Homer
Both were issued on July 10th 1955 and are part of the Series of Ancient Greek Art.
Here are the stamps from the cover and the postmark in detail which is nice as such but misses a bit of ink.